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Dr. Todd Malan

Dr. Malan

Dr. Todd Malan is considered one of the true pioneers of fat derived stem cell therapies in the USA. In October of 2009, Dr. Todd Malan was the first U.S. physician to utilize adipose or fat derived stem cells for soft tissue reconstruction. He has described his techniques and experience as an author in two medical textbooks as well as having presented at dozens of stem cell conferences worldwide.


"I wanted to thank you all so much for making every step of my procedure pleasant and easy. Your dedication to excellence shines through."

- Jen R, Minnesota

"We appreciate your excellence and expertise. You treated us like family and have given us hope. I am walking without limping."

- Doug J, New Mexico

"I just wanted you to know how enormously grateful I am to all of you there. The stem cell treatment had a profound impact on my life! I can't thank you enough."

- Sean H, Arizona

"I can run my finger along the area of the achilles tendon where the damaged fibers were and feel a distinct edge. In terms of function, it is very close to full function. My never ending thanks for what you have done for me!"

- Kathy D, California

" I just got back from visiting Dr. Karen Herbst and she was amazed at my improvement. I have lost 15 more pounds and lost lots of the fibrous tissue in the tumors. She was amazed. I have tons more energy that I feel I have a life now that I did not have. Brain fog is much better now. As I say, I have a life now, a life that is so much better than it was 6 months ago. Again, thank you and God bless."

- Linda K, Kansas (Dercum’s disease patient)

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