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What Is Regenerative Medicine?

dr. malan, stem cell therapy scottsdale azMany of the diseases and conditions that detrimentally affect our daily quality of life do so because they have caused damage to tissues that support our bodily function in some way. Where modern medicine fails to offer a cure or a path to wellness through the use of surgical procedures or medications, regenerative medicine seeks to harness the body’s own ability to repair damaged tissue and restore function.

One of the concentrations of regenerative medicine is the use of stem cells to stimulate the body’s natural healing response to repair damaged tissue in targeted areas of treatment. Stem cell therapies have become one of the most widely studied and developed treatments today for a wide range of systemic and auto immune disorders that cause debilitating symptoms for patients and currently have no cure. Research and development is also ongoing for treating cardiac disease, orthopedic conditions and erectile dysfunction, all of which have an underlying element of tissue damage and inflammation that may be addressed with targeted stem cell therapies.

dr. malan, regenerative medicine, scottsdale azLocated in Scottsdale, AZ, The Center for Regenerative Cell Medicine is home to one of our nation’s pioneering physicians when it comes to stem cell treatments. Dr. Todd Malan has remained at the forefront of development and implementation of stem cell therapies, leading the endeavor to bring treatments used successfully in Europe to the United States.

Dr. Malan and the staff of The Center for Regenerative Cell Medicine offer new hope for patients, offering the possibility of a remission from both painful or disruptive symptoms and the need for daily medications. Regenerative medicine represents the future of modern medicine, as medical professionals and research scientists seek to harness the unique ability of the body to heal itself. This may offer hope for chronic diseases that have been incurable, providing the possibility of lasting treatment without serious side effects.