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Stem Cell Therapy for Arachnoiditis

Stem Cell Therapy for Arachnoiditis Helps a Tennessee Woman Walk Again

Chronic disease can present challenges for patients and their families on many levels, from the emotional to the physical. For many, the growing realization that there is no cure for their illness can lead to frustration at best as they learn to adapt their daily routine, quality of life and plans for the future to a new reality.

Such was the case for Dr. Sara Davis when her active life as a wife, mother and physician was turned on its head by arachnoiditis, a chronic pain disorder affecting the spinal nerves. Dr. Davis was eventually confined to a wheelchair and struggled daily with pain, lack of mobility and the inability to perform many menial tasks. As a physician, she continued to search for new avenues of treatment and held out hope that something would someday cure her condition or improve her symptoms. Stem cell therapy became that ray of hope in 2015 when her research led her to Dr. Todd Malan and his advanced use of stem cell therapies that were available worldwide, but not FDA approved in the U.S.

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Dr. Malan has been on the forefront of stem cell therapies, pushing the boundaries in the U.S. to enable patients to receive life changing treatment that is available in many other countries. Most stem cell therapies offered in the U.S. have not evolved past the baseline treatment standards developed over a decade ago. The many advances made in research environments that have been put into use overseas have helped countless patients find relief from many chronic conditions. Autologous stem cells can effectively repair tissue that has been damaged by disease to restore function, health and quality of life.

The Miracle of the Body’s Healing Power

As a physician, Dr. Davis recognized the potential for the advanced stem cell therapy Dr. Malan offered to reverse the progression of her disease and repair her damaged nerve tissue. After one treatment, which involved the transplantation of a high concentration of her own autologous stem cells, she began to experience changes. Over time, as the stem cells enabled the repair and regrowth of healthy nerve tissue in her spine, her pain lessened and her mobility began to return.

To call her recovery “a miracle” would discredit the scientific research that shows the ability of autologous stem cells to reduce scar tissue with the regeneration of new, healthy tissue. Stem cell therapy can enable the medical profession to harness the body’s own ability to repair itself and enable patients to move beyond palliative care using pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Malan will continue to forge ahead as the use of stem cells evolves both in the U.S. and overseas, bringing advanced treatment options to his medical practice in Scottsdale, AZ.

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