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Stem Cells and Erectile Dysfunction

Stem Cells and Erectile Dysfunction: New Studies Provide Powerful ResultsStem Cells and Erectile Dysfunction: New Studies Provide Powerful Results

The promise of providing long term, natural results with stem cell therapy for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) continues to grow. A recent study conducted in Denmark and presented at the 2017 European Association of Urology conference was able to offer a glimpse into the future for the use of autologous stem cells in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. In this study, results showed that almost 40% of participants had improved sexual function (able to achieve penetration) within 6 months of treatment. After 12 months, the same group had maintained results.

The effective treatment of Erectile Dysfunction has been the subject of an increasing number of scientific studies, many of which have resulted in changes to both diagnosis and treatment. This has led to improved patient care and has opened up new avenues of treatment, including the use of stem cells. As the understanding of how damaged tissue plays a role in ED has deepened, stem cell therapy has taken a step forward in treatment protocol. Stem cells have thus far been widely successful in addressing ED, offering patients a natural result that is not dependent on the use of medication, with no detrimental side effects.

Reversing ED: How Stem Cells Work

Men’s Health also analyzed and discussed the results of the Danish study, which has garnered international attention in the stem cell community. The study is moving on to a larger phase 2 trial to broaden the pool of participants and use a control group to further analyze the “placebo effect”. However, the initial results at this time continue to support the science behind stem cell therapy and its ability to reverse ED by addressing tissue damage.

Stem cell therapy begins with the use of liposuction to harvest the necessary fat cells for use in the implantation of stem cells into the penis. The entire procedure is typically completed in one visit and there were no reports in the study of complications or adverse side effects. The stem cells, which are by nature able to adapt to the tissue in which they are introduced, worked to restore cellular damage that was impacting the sexual function of the patient. Damage to the tissues enabling blood flow to the penis during an erection was effectively reversed in 8 of the 21 participants, resulting in improved sexual function at the 6 month and 12 month mark.

Dr. Todd Malan: Advancing Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

A pioneer for the use of stem cells as therapy for a growing list of conditions, Dr. Malan offers treatment for ED using stem cells harvested through liposuction at our Scottsdale, AZ medical center. Dr. Malan has been a leader in the adoption of stem cell therapies to treat patients who suffer with diseases and conditions that cause damage to tissue throughout the body. As the understanding and application of stem cells has changed in recent years, Dr. Malan has offered patients the benefit of advanced treatment options.

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Dr. Malan understands both the physical and psychological aspects of ED and offers compassionate, consultative care to patients seeking a natural result that is nor reliant on pharmaceuticals. To arrange a consultation to discuss your medical history and concerns, contact us at 480-400-8506.