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Dr. Malan Interviews With CEO Money

Dr. Todd Malan, founder of Center for Regenerative Cell Medicine, was recently interviewed by CEO Money on iHeart Radio. Dr. Malan discusses where stem cell research stands with the FDA and Congress as of today. With new legislation passed in December of 2016, Dr. Malan hopes to see the FDA put regulations into place to regulate and approve stem-cell procedures and research. These changes are due to be seen in the coming year, opening up new possibilities for patients suffering from chronic disease, trauma or injury.

These would be the first stem cell technologies to be approved in the United States in 15 years.

Dr. Malan is at the forefront of fat-derived stem cell research in the United States. Dr. Malan has spent time studying and researching with world-renowned physicians outside of the US, in countries where legislation is not as strict. Dr. Malan brings his acquired knowledge back to his Scottsdale, AZ stem cell research facility with hopes of helping his patients heal.

CEO Money Interview: Where Stem Cell Research Stands Today

“They’re your stem cells they haven’t been modified they haven’t been changed they have just been boosted they’ve been increased in number for that fantastic repair system. Normally an individual has 10 million stem cells floating around in their bloodstream at any moment, With these therapies, we can increase those to 100 to 200 million it just enhances the natural repair we all have by many, many times.” Dr. Malan

Dr. Malan: A Stem Cell Pioneer

Dr. Todd Malan is leading fat-derived stem cell therapies in the USA. Dr. Malan has been providing stem cell therapy to patients in the study phase since 2009. Patients with a range of degenerative and life-debilitating diseases have seen drastic improvements in their conditions. Patients have come from all over the country seeking treatment from Dr. Malan. So many have been given back their mobility and independence thanks to fat-derived stem cell therapy.

To find out more about the stem cell therapy Dr. Malan offers in Scottsdale, AZ, contact us at 480-400-8506. Dr. Malan offers both in person and video consultations to discuss your medical condition.