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Stem Cell Therapy: Addressing Autoimmune Diseases

Stem Cell Therapy: Addressing the Effects of Autoimmune Diseases *Note: For the investigational use of Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSC’s) for clinical research and deployment. Millions of Americans suffer from the effects of autoimmune diseases, a wide range of conditions…


Stem Cell Therapy for Arachnoiditis

Stem Cell Therapy for Arachnoiditis Helps a Tennessee Woman Walk Again Chronic disease can present challenges for patients and their families on many levels, from the emotional to the physical. For many, the growing realization that there is no cure…


What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Many of the diseases and conditions that detrimentally affect our daily quality of life do so because they have caused damage to tissues that support our bodily function in some way. Where modern medicine fails to offer a cure or…