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Stem cells and Corona Virus COVID-19

Mesenchymal stem cells are a viable option in new coronavirus infection treatment. The first Covid-19 patient successfully treated with these cells is a critically ill 65-year-old Chinese woman, and since, another 7 patients were successfully treated for the infection in Beijing.

Mesenchymal stem cells would act by improving lung microenvironment, inhibiting immune system overactivation, promoting tissue repair, protecting lung alveoli epithelial cells, preventing pulmonary fibrosis, and improving lung function.

Expanding them to the huge quantity needed for infusion takes 2 to 3 weeks. That is why it is useful to cryopreserve a personal reserve of mesenchymal stem cells, that would allow access to an early, more successful, treatment.

We have been developing protocols to safely store and expand a person’s own stem cells understanding that your own stem cells are vastly superior and safer than receiving someone else’s stem cells.

The hope is to eventually have these protocols available to allow cost-effective rapid access to repeat therapies for our patients with chronic immune and inflammatory disease states who due to their own unique genetic makeup are more at risk for any increase in baseline inflammation or even commonly encountered toxic exposures.

That work has now taken a new level of precedence in this new era of viral infections that are even more of a threat for patients with immune-based pro-inflammatory states.

We are grateful that improved access to funding has come at a time when these protocols may actually lead to changing the course of an opportunistic infection in which so many of our patients have an elevated risk.

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